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  About Us

Excerpt from the National By-Laws:
It is the goal and general philosophy of the PMC to promote Brotherhood amongst our ranks and look to our founding fathers for direction. It is our goal and intention to be the best public safety motorcycle club in the world.

We will continue to grow in the spirit which provides the opportunity for increased camaraderie between current and retired professional public safety/law enforcement officers, fire fighters, paramedics and Military Personnel active or honorable discharged.

The PMC is for public safety/law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and military personnel who enjoy riding American-made motorcycles and is not affiliated with or sponsored by Harley-Davidson or any other professional organization."

  About Our Colors

Excerpt from the National By-Laws:

"The insignia of the PMC is a wing and sword over the outline of the United States. The sword represents those who have served and fight for the USA. The wings for those who have sacrificed in the line of duty, and the USA outline for the country we so dearly love."

  What do we do?

We are a good balance of a social/fun riding club, and a non-for-profit club that does many benefits for the unfortunate, the wounded, the deceased, and those left behind.
We are not a politically minded-organization, so if you are seeking social status, this club is not for you.

  Distinguished Members

WetzelWetzel joined the Army from Milwaukee, Wisconsin at age 18, and by January 8, 1968 was a Private First Class serving as a door gunner in the 173rd Assault Helicopter Company. On that day, near Ap Dong An, Republic of Vietnam, his helicopter was shot down and the survivors, including Wetzel, came under heavy enemy fire. Severely wounded by an explosion which nearly severed his left arm, he continued to man his machine-gun and help other injured soldiers. Wetzel survived his wounds, although his left arm had to be amputated. He was subsequently promoted to Specialist Four and awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions.